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Jim Pagiamtzis is a personable, engaging, and confident speaker. This website was created around 2011-2012 to promote his motivational speaking engagements. For some reason the domain expired. When I discovered it was available, I bought it with the goal of recreating as much content from the original site as possible via its archived pages.

I have read Jim's blog for awhile as well as some of his online published articles. I'm fascinated with the use of new technology as it is related to the web or the transmission of information. At the moment I work for a software enterprise that does tailored application development for companies requiring specialized, industry-specific needs that are usually outside the scope of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) programs. When a company utilizes COTS software, they’re at the whim of the company that built the software. Imagine the disruptions that could occur if your company's COTS software were discontinued? Most likely you would require unexpected expensive upgrades or in the worst scenario, go out of business. Custom business and web application development that we create for clients is actually owned by them. They can keep the programs and tools as long as they like. Custom software development alleviates the worry that the one day-in and day-out program a company relies on, suddenly will not be available anymore. 

Although Jim still maintains a blog (jimpagiamtzis.blogspot.com/) that allows you to catch up on what he is now doing, I wanted to create a site that would give additional exposure to him.


About Jim Pagiamtzis

Jim Pagiamtzis has written articles for Empower.ca, Toronto Public Library, Happen.ca, Staples Business Depot (How Businesses), Metroactive.org, Swapsity.ca, Articlebase.com & Ezine Articles (Expert Author Status April 2011)

Published Author, Speaker and Elite Entrepreneur Jim Pagiamtzis is the founder of Get Connected Make Wealth Happen! has been articles published online by Toronto Public Library Small Biz Express, Centennial College, Happen.ca Linking People and Entrepreneurs,How's Business blog (Staples Business Depot) and Metro Active.org.  Printed articles for FedEx Freight Canada (Newsletter) Centennial College Ascent Magazine. Has been on That Channel.com speaking on How to become Networking Success.
Jim Pagiamtzis in 5 years has successfully leveraged his written articles into internet video speaking engagements from consulting with Burkert Fluid Control, Enterprise Toronto, Career Door, Skills for Change and Trios College. Has delivered keynote for Monarch Park Collegiate spoke on 3 keys task to success and How to attract a Mentor. His dynamic speaking style has empowered and inspired his audience to learn, do and apply his simple and effective Parformance Selling System. Jim has also volunteered with Junior Achievement in Toronto on "Economics of Staying in School"


  • Have spoken in the Employment Services and Social Services sector for the past 2 years “Networking your way to Success” and “ How to market and Promote You!
  • Paid speaking for Enterprise Toronto on “Do you have a Mentor”
  • Have been a fill in speaking for Enterprise Toronto twice. ( speakers didn’t show up)
  • Appeared on That Channel.com regarding Centennial College article on “Three key tasks” and “Networking your way to Success”
  • Consulting work with Burkert Fluid Control on “Successful Sales Strategies and “Networking your way to Success”
  • Published articles online for Toronto Public Library and Centennial College, FedEx Freight Canada (intranet)
  • Volunteer for Junior Achievement (Economics of staying in School)
  • Member of the Diversity Council (May 2009) and internal group which holds conference calls on personal and professional development topics
  • Familiar with Personality programs DISC and Kolbe
  • Proficient in MS Office: Word,Excel, Powerpoint , Outlook
  • Active blogger for 2 years www.jimpagiamtzis.blogspot.comProfile www.jimpagiamtzis.wordpress.com testimonials and much more.Active in listen, reading and attending personal and professional seminars.
  • Effective communicator and implement state-of-art event management system www.pemsystem.comUnderstand and speaking Greek. In process of learning Spanish
  • Have written 4 E-books(draft) in the process of editing for future books
  • Numerous success stories available in assisting referral and friends in finding employment through my teachings on networking
  • Spoken at Trios College (Mississauga) at Career Day March 2010 on “Networking your to Success”
  • Spoken at Monarch Park Collegiate March 2010 on “Networking your way to Success” and guest keynote  speaker at Business Awards Ceremony May 2010
  • Junior Achievement participant on (Economics of  Staying in School) 4 times
  • Active newsletter for 2+ years “Get Connected Make it Happen”
  • Active on Twitter, Plaxo, LinkedIn
  • Spoken at Career Door Inc.  4 times on  “Do you have a Mentor” and “Networking your way to Success”
  • Participating in a Entrepreneurial training system (Interbiz Business System)
  • Numerous recommendations on LinkedIn regarding above mentioned articles and speeches.
  • Spoken at the Phil Talyor’s  Mayoral Campaign on Sunday’s  in Toronto on Networking your to Success and Mentorship
  • Have spoken twice April and July on “Networking you way to Success”  and have had a booth at www.canadajobexpo.



Hey Jim,
Just went to your blog! Great blog! You've got some good posts on there!
Cindy Soo
Art & Creative Director


Personable, engaging and confident are the three characteristics you get when you have Jim Pagiamtzis as your Master of Ceremonies. He will create a welcoming atmosphere that will make your attendees willing to participate. But it doesn't stop there because days before the event even begins you will find Jim learning all about the speakers and participants; It's all part of his successful Master or Ceremony approach and no where was it more on display than at the Word11 event.
Paul Rennie Co-founder of Goal Achievers Canada


How to Attract a Mentor in Business, Life and Success” is filled with valuable lessons based on honest, personal experiences. These lessons will educate and inspire both those that are looking to become mentors and those looking for the guidance of one. Jim’s easy going and warm writing style make it easy to start applying his ideas right away. Reading this book would be time well spent. Marc Gordon
Marketing Expert and Host of marctv.net
Marc Gordon
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How to be a networking success

How to be a networking success by Jim Pagiamtzis is a valuable resource that shows you how to network successfully and gives you some valuable tips. Networking is so important to get a good job and get anything done. Life becomes much more easier and better if you have a good network of people. This book will be a good start in you networking journey.
Hirantha Nandasena
Author of “Success In Toronto : a guide for new immigrants”


How to attract a Mentor in Business, Life and Success

Being effective is the key to success. Having a great mentor can make a huge difference because they have already achieved success, may have already overcome hurdles that you may face etc. They will identify your unique  talents and bring out the best in you. That’s why How to attract a Mentor in Business, Life and Success by Jim Pagiamtzis is a valuable resource.
Hirantha Nandasena
Author of “Success In Toronto : a guide for new immigrants”


Hi Jim
I was in your Networking presentation yesterday at Metro Hall.
I find your presentation very clear and informative. It gives me insights into my own way of working and presentation.
Many thanks for a great session.
Eddie Kwong


Hi Jim, I attended your networking workshop this morning at the Metro Hall Employment Centre. Even though I “know” about networking, I needed a boost to get doing it. Thanks for your tips, resources and motivation.
- Nancy Dunlop
Nancy Dunlop requested to add you as a connection on LinkedIn:


Simona Koslunova, Commercial Insurance Broker, HKMB (business partner), was with another company when working with you
While working with Jim in the capacity of volunteer for an Internet Professionals, I found great interest working with him. I saw that Jim was hardworking, fun, enthusiastic, came across as professional with great sales and negotiating skills.” November 15, 2006
Martina Ernst, CEO and Founder, Wo-Built Inc. (colleague) worked directly with you.


“I met Jim while volunteering for the Society of Internet Professional (SIP). His enthusiasm was contagious and he was a immense help to all us other volunteers. He put great efforts into promoting and marketing of SIP events and it was a pleasure to work with him.” January 18, 2007
Max Haroon, President, Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) (colleague) 


“Jim has abundance energy and has a good knack of speaking to people, I am very happy to see him staffing SIP booth at tradeshows as volunteer where his skills shines of sparking talking to visitors.” October 8, 2007
On December 15 had the great opportunity to share 1 hour on Networking your way to Success at three day workshop “New Comer Foreign Trained Teachers’ at Skills for Change in Toronto (1139 College Street)
Below are some feed and comments from the group:
The new idea and vision of Networking Strategy. New inspiration towards networking. Exceptional presentation. I have already met new people here and have change my attitude towards networking.
Matthew Mendez


Thank you so much for all the optimism. I needed the most at this in my transitional life here in Canada
Fernando Del Mundo


Was very motivational
Najla Alskhi


Jim is a great motivational speaker,lots of high energy and useful tips, encourages positive attitude and result oriented. I especially like the idea of affirmation, very interesting and potentially very powerful
Very good really places on the importance of networking
Feedback from appearance on That Channel.com
http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/25596700 2nd speaker


I watched your radio show video on their website – well done !!!!
You handled yourself very professionally… I’m impressed man !!!!
Terry Gogna FT.FHS.
1 866 535 1352


MAXIMIZING !!! Profitability & Retention Rate of Sales Teams
Hi Jim
Sept 17th Social Services talk on Networking Success! comments
I was in your Networking presentation yesterday at Metro Hall.
I find your presentation very clear and informative. It gives me insights into my own way of working and presentation.
Many thanks for a great session.
Eddie Kwong




Feedback from talk at Monarch Park Collegiate talk at Business Award Ceremony from teacher.

Hi Jim,
Your talk was very meaningful for the students. It showed them the act of putting out and giving back for little extrenal reward. This aspect is lost at the school atmostphere of ‘whats in it for me’. Networking is of course vital to getting connected, however, I have always found that being a good and nice person first, attacts connections because people are impressed by the value of the person one is. I will try to reconnect with you over the summer when I have more time. Thanks again for ‘giving back’ to Monarch Park.
Cheers, Don Sexton


Great comment from Donna Messer in response to my networking)
Hi Jim:
I’ll spread the word for you! Networking is the single most important tool anyone can have in their toolbox.
Learning how to effectively use that tool is something you have mastered.
I’m happy to refer you and your events.
Donna Messer
ConnectUs Communications Canada


Feedback from entrepreneur who watched one of my DVD’s on Networking your way to Success

Hey Jim!
I just watched your DVD and it is full of great tips! You are so natural in front on people and your outgoing personality really shines! I really liked your information about the newsletter, I have been thinking of setting one up to keep contacts informed on a monthly basis in case it could trigger future busines or new relationships but I havent actually gotten around to it! I hope those people took in how much FREE and USEFUL information you gave them! Oh and your story about texting was really funny but its true, some people prefer to do business through phone while others prefer email, have to tailor the style of follow up to the contact.
Keshia Ali


Wednesday Sept 3,2008 spoke at Happen in Burlington on Networking your way to Success below are some comments

Just wanted to say thanks for presenting at yesterday’s meeting. I liked your passion and dynamism. Being French (Quebecois), I relate to your feeling based communication.

I especially appreciated your advice to set specific goals about what you want. Following this advice, I set myself a clear goal to find employment that offers a really good fit with my skills and ambitions on October 30th. Having a specific date makes it more real and motivates me to take the actions to lead me there.
I also liked your line about “the solution to a problem lies at a higher level than the level at which it was created”. Transition forces us to “move up” to this higher level and at the same time to better ourselves.
André Choquet, F.C.I.A., F.S.A.


Great enthusiasm and lots of useful information this morning!
Eric Cameron


Jan 11,2010 spoke at Skills for Change in Toronto. on Networking your to Success

Bishop Morracco Thomas Merton C.S.S were in attendance.
“Speaker was loud and clear, what he said stuck with you”
High Energy Excellent Powerpiont!” teresa.kelly@tcdsb.org


I was so impressed by your speaking style and your presentation yesterday at Skills for Cha.
- Yury Biryulev


We met at your workshop today in Skills for Changes. 10X, the lecture was Excellent, I really enjoyed!
You promise to provide me with more Tips for networking / connections and networking meetings!
I am very appreciated for your time!
Zdravka Kaymakchieva


Thanks for your lively presentation yesterday. I really liked how you tailored your presentation to the age of the majority of the participants.
Teresa Marie Kelly
Technology Teacher


I was unemployed for almost a year. The recession created an incredibly difficult job market to crack. I heard horror stories of MBA graduate students taking Data Entry positions. I was told I was overqualified after interviews with 3 different companies; ”runner-up” on 4 different occasions; and turned down 5 different jobs because the position was not exactly what fit my career aspirations. Along the way, my resume went through countless revisions, while my interviewing skills improved immensely. I also received some valuable lessons from Jim Pagiamtzis. He taught me the importance of blogging, to showcase what skills I’ve gained over my career that could help others in improving theirs. Although I’ve stopped blogging, the process of writing kept me in an “employed” state of mind. Jim also introduced me to the value of networking. I relay that same importance to anyone I know of that’s unemployed. Currently employed as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator for a Human Resources Consulting firm, our company also preaches the value of personal marketing (i.e. social networking). Once I found employment, my priorities changed, thus, my communication with Jim broke down. He would make an ideal Mentor because he’s willing to help you become successful, at work and in life. Jim has the gusto of an entrepreneur; always looking for an opportunity to exploit and never backing down from a challenge. For example, he knows he can still improve as a public speaker and is doing so by taking any chance given to him to speak in public.
- Jay Rosales
http://jayrosales.wordpress.com/ Great Tim Horton’s story
www.jayrosales.blogspot.com great insight articles


“Christmas has came early as I have landed a position Fedex Freight Canada team as a Operations Manager, Handling and working on their current transportation supply links through their Canadian operations. My start date commences Jan 4th so I am bringing in 2010 with a bang.
I want to thank you all for your assistance and guidance during this past while. Although my transition was not as long as others, I do know persistence and determination will land each of you in your next dream position.
I want to thank Jim, Robin, John and Greg for all your help and bringing a wide variety of key topics and speakers to the group. It greatly aided me in my search and instilled some new tactics to use during my career search.
This Opportunity did come through the Happen Group and I want to thank Jim Pagiamtzis (a Happen Topic presenter)for putting me in front of all the key contacts at Fedex without your assistance I know I would not have found this opportunity (It was a truly a hidden opportunity).
I do plan to attend the next Mississauga meeting in the New year with Timbits in hand to better thank everyone..With this vast array of talented networking connections, I know I would miss someone if I began to list everyone who directly assisted me during my search. So thank you all!!!
Best Regards and Good Hunting
Jeff Conn


Newly joined Happenite Alumni
Dan Kagan, Corporate Sales Manager, CompuSmart Canada (colleague) worked with you.
“Jim is a strong corporate advocate and team player. His willingness to get it done coupled with his strong organizational skills make him a valued asset to any team.” August 13, 2007


Press Release Regarding: Authorized Local Expert Trainer Jim Pagiamtzis

How to Become a LISTing Success

In the world of real estate marketing you are searching for the most effective and efficient way to market to your prospective clients. There are some many was market yourself and find the most effective ways are not used due the belief that there new social media will provide the leads and referrals to build a successful business.

3 Proven Ways to Follow Up With New Contacts

You have successfully gone out and met new people at various networking events. The next important step is to follow-up with everyone that you have met. This is an extremely important event that you need to get done as soon as possible. Will be sharing important strategies on how to accomplish this in an effective way.

3 Strategies on How to Network at a Tradeshow

There are tradeshows happening in every city for various industries. If you want to do some research just google "tradeshows" and your city and you will see a list of them. Selecting a tradeshows is really up to you, make relative to what you enjoy and like to do. I have hand success in attending book events, business forums just to name a few, You have decided to attend a show next thing you have to do is be prepared with a successful strategy to come away the strong leads to follow up with..

Bartering Led to Networking

Here is a blast from the past! Currently technology is working faster that we can ever image. Look back to the mid-90's had a great experience that taught me lessons that today I do the same and realize that I was doing it back then too.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Network Relationships

One door closes, but two other doors open. That's how the saying goes; however, often, when networking, it may feel like many doors are being closed and few are opening. By using a few key strategies, you can actively ensure that so many doors are opening that you are constantly introduced to new opportunities.

Why Should Businesses Market?

Business: Entrepreneurialism • Published: May 4, 2010

Location, Location Location has been the old adage you have heard for years for customer to find you. In the 21st century the business of promoting and finding your market has changed dramatically. Implementing your marketing strategy is where the process begins.

5K Resolution Run Complete

On the way back from the gym on Dec 31,2009, I decided to go the Nike store downtown (Bloor St) to look for a new pair of running shoes. During my search came across interesting area of the store where they were promoting a Resolution Run from 5k to 15k run in Toronto on Jan 3, 2010. I took a look at the area of the run and it was the downtown core, which was very comforting.

Entrepreneurial Journey to Success

"The road less traveled is where experiences and talents are learned and then applied in your everyday life" As you walked the hallways and heard different teachers you have learned essential information that you will apply in your working life. As you progress and become more experienced in a particular field, there are three important components to apply and do in your continued educational career.

Social Networking Strategy - Communication is the Key!

In recent months there has been many webinars and websites discussing the value added reasons in combining communications are a key social strategy for your online presence. As internet entrepreneur have utilized key website with great results. Below were going to give you some practical advice on how to use the social networking as a key tool to build your resources and promote your expertise or marketing ideas in easy and effortless way.

Entrepreneur and Their Social Responsibility - "Is it the Cause Or the Effect That Matters?"

In article thirty five years ago, Milton Friedman wrote that "The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase Profits." Clearly he was focused on the result, which many entrepreneurs who are building the business all over the world may not entirely agree with that statement.

Do You Have a Mentor?

A mentor should be someone who is or soon will be an important influence in your life. They have walked the leadership journey before you and have experienced not only the challenges you are going through today, but will encounter next. This is of great interest for your success because you want to know what you will come across over the next bridge and that it will not surprise you when it occurs.

Get Connected - Make it Happen!

Many business owners have asked me how I became such an effective networker. My response is "the secret to your success is your daily routine". Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day; the better question to ask is how you use those hours. When I first began to go and meet new people all I had was a simple one-sided business card.

How Do You Market and Promote "You"?

You can't market yourself 24 hours-a-day, 7 days week, there are tools that can effectively do it for you. Success is directly related to how you are perceived, which is related to your exposure in the market-place. Better credibility will bring more visibility therefore there must a specific intent of how you use online (internet) & offline (contacts) to promote your talent and experience.

My first log started with a referral!

It was January 2009 and I was ready to begin my new blog journey it was exciting to share with the world some of my writing. It was called "Effective Networking Skills for Career Success", which was the details of system I had created for a potential future talk. (more on that later). Nothing really excited happened when this post went up.

Bartering led to Networking

Here is a blast from the past! Currently technology is working faster that we can ever image. Look back to the mid 90's had a great experience that taught me lessons that today I do the same and realize that I was doing it back then to.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Network Relationships

One door closes, but two other doors open. That's how the saying goes; however, often, when networking, it may feel like many doors are being closed and few are opening. By using a few key strategies, you can actively ensure that so many doors are opening that you are constantly introduced to new opportunities.

Communication Language in the 21st century

Communication with your customer is important, reveals some great traits and habits.

Why should business market

Continued marketing is important for all business.

Are you Creating Business Momentum…. and profiting along the way?

When your business has momentum, task appear easier, your people are more engaged and your business thrives, It puts victory within reach so people believe that anything is possible.

Networking has an impact on your lifestyle to Success

Networking is an important aspect of your everyday life as an entrepreneur

Social Networking Strategy: Communication is the key!

Social networking communication is important. Few key ideas to consider.

Writer and Speaker in a year- You can do it!

The journey to be become a public speaker.

Are you Dressed for Success?

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Experiential Learning Works!